Companies seeking risk capital via Angel Funding Germany typically ranges from € 50k to € 1 mio. Total finance round can be larger because investments from business angels can bring leverage for additional  investments from venture capitalists. Angel funding Germany is for growth companies that:

  • have a commercially available product
  • show yearly revenue growth
  • have a balanced client base
  • that already have acquired a substantial market share on their home market
  • with a substantial market potential in Germany
  • are in: ICT, Life Sciences, Medtech, Health, Agro/Food or Cleantech.

Especially entrepreneurs from The Netherlands and Belgium that fit this profile are invited to connect. Angel Funding German offers companies a platform of German business angels to present their investment proposition and introduce them to a group of german business angels. Angel Funding Germany facilitates this process and is not involved in deal closing activities. Following are the steps that prepare for pitching. Positive evaluation in Step 3 is required for the subsequent steps. Tickets are limited and only the best propositions are selected for pitching.

  1. Application by sending your one-pager
  2. Initial assessment investment proposition
  3. Interview and feed-back
  4. Presentation coaching towards investor readiness
  5. Selection and ticket for pitching (€ 500)
  6. Presenting your proposition and introduction to a group of German business angels (succes fee is 2% of the investment)

All prices are excluding VAT,  our Terms and Conditions are applicable to our services. If your company fits the profile above, you can apply by using the red sign up button. This will activate the download of a one-pager. You can send it to: info@angelfundinggermany.com. We will make an initial assessment of your investment proposition. If the outcome is positive, you will be invited for an interview (Step 3). To improve your changes of finding a German business angel apply for an approval of eligibility for INVEST – Zuschuss für Wagniskapital. This means that an investor will receive 20% of the investment in your company from the government.